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External and Internal Wooden Doors in London

With the huge range of styles possible with timber doors we pride ourselves on being able to cater
to every taste to create a unique product with every wooden door we make.

Sliding Folding Doors

Bi Fold doors are sliding folding doors. They run on a track and fold against one another to create a through way between the two spaces that they previously divided. They can be on the exterior of a property, often opening up onto a garden or patio but may also be within the interior separating two rooms. French doors are similar to Bi Fold doors but they dont fold against one another. They are normally hinged at each side or slide open on a track.

Bi Fold door and French door construction

Our bi fold and French doors are all made from FSC rated hardwoods, softwoods and Accoya to client specifications to create a unique product every time. Often our bi fold and French doors are glazed to maximize the light being let into a room and we have a very large range of tracks and sliding mechanisms available to us to cater for all kinds of property and make the most of the space available.

Please feel free to contact us either by email or telephone if you have any queries about our Bi Fold and French doors or if you would like to arrange for us to measure up to work out a quote.

Our external wooden doors are made from high quality hardwoods or ultra stable Accoya while it may vary as to whether an interior wooden door is made from softwood, hardwood or Accoya depending on the clients specifications. Both exterior and interior doors may be glazed with a wide range of glass.

We supply and fit wooden doors of any size and number and will often work with the client to take a product through from design stage to manufacture and installation. We can install our doors with a range of locking systems and while we prime all our joinery work as standard it is also possible to finish paint our work as well if required.

If you would like arrange a viewing to measure your exterior or interior wooden door for a quote then please get in touch either by telephone or by email.

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