Box Sash Windows

Box Sash Window Construction

A sash window consists of sliding panels known as sashes which sit within a frame called the box. The sashes are counter balanced with lead weights on sash cords or on spring balances. Their charm and character has meant that they have been a popular window choice for centuries and continues to be so today.

All our windows come primed painted as standard but we are more than happy to give the windows their finishing coats if required.

You can be sure that the high standards that we insist on with our joinery are carried through to completion and installation.

We are more than happy to look at all kinds of project whether domestic or commercial so please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange a viewing or if you have the measurements give you a quote there and then.

Our bespoke box sash windows may be single or double glazed and are made from a range of FSC rated softwoods, hardwoods or Accoya which is a kind of treated softwood that is more stable, easier to work with and is more durable than most exotic hardwoods. They come with hardwood sills as standard and are all weather sealed and draught proofed to produce excellent thermal retention and protection from the elements.

We can produce individual sashes to replace damaged windows and also replicate existing windows or specific designs where the original character of the building needs to be retained such as in conservation areas or in a listed building. We often produce double glazed sash windows that retain all the original features of the replaced single glazed windows, creating a unit that maintains the traditional aesthetic but increases thermal conservation considerably.

Timber Casement Windows

We can also produce casement windows that are storm proofed against the elements. In this case the frame and corresponding sashes are given an extra rebate or step so that the outside of the sash lips over the frame to add an extra level of weather proofing.

It is possible for us to replicate any style of existing window that needs replacing or we can work to any kind of design that the client specifies. We often manufacture double glazed units that retain the features of replaced single glazed windows so that the windows comply with conservation guidelines.

We deal with all kinds of domestic and commercial projects so please dont hesitate to get in touch either by email or give us a call and we can arrange a viewing. If you have the measurements already then we can often give you a quote straight away.

Casement windows are another traditional style of window that has been used for hundreds of years and continues to be used today. They consist of opening units known as sashes that are hinged at the sides or at the top, normally opening outwards and sit within a wooden frame.

Just like our sash windows, all our timber casement windows are made from FSC rated softwoods, hardwoods or Accoya, the frames come with a hardwood sill as standard and the sashes can be single or double glazed. They are weather sealed and draught proofed to produce high levels of thermal insulation, come primed or finish painted and can be installed by our highly experienced team of carpenters.

Wooden Window Shutters

Construction of Wooden Window Shutters

As with all our joinery we construct our shutters from FSC rated softwoods, hardwoods or Accoya. There are a range of mouldings available for the panels and a huge selection of ironmongery to compliment the shutters and suit any kind of property. Our team of highly skilled carpenters have years of experience fitting our joinery so can install the shutters if required. If you would like to arrange a viewing to measure up for a quote then please do give us a call or drop us an email.

Folding wooden window shutters are a traditional way of adding privacy and security to your home.

They are made up of individual wooden panels that are hinged together and fold out across the width of a window from each side and meet in the middle.

Sometimes with bay windows the shutters have their own recesses on both sides of the window that they fold back into.

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